Scramble the Order of your whole code

You can have the order of your whole code (functions, labels, classes, hotkeys, context conditions etc.) scrambled by checking a box on the obfuscate run window.
You can either let the program scramble all your code or create a Custom Layered Scrambled Sandwich.

Let the program scramble the order itself and keep some parts together

If you let the program do that you can still ask it to keep parts of code together by using these commands:

Create a Custom Layered Scrambled Sandwich

You can create a custom scrambling palette that will randomize the order of your functions and label sections in your source code according to a format set by you. You specify individual layers of scrambling with each layer listing classes to scramble all together. For each layer you use the DUMP_CLASSCODE Obfuscator command comment and you can put them anywhere in your script.
;$OBFUSCATOR: $DUMP_CLASSCODE: (list of class names)
Previous [modified DigiDon]
;$OBFUSCATOR: $DUMP_FUNCandLABEL_CODE: (list of) fandl:(class name)

You use a series of these statements to specify the individual layers you want:
;$OBFUSCATOR: $DUMP_CLASSCODE: configsyspages, buythisprogram 

;$OBFUSCATOR: $DUMP_CLASSCODE: unclassed, initprogram, onClipboardChange, expressmenu

You can use as many of these statements as you want, there is no limit. Each one of these should be followed by a class name and DO NOT FORGET THE SPECIAL TAG 'UNCLASSED' which stands for all the functions or label sections which you have not made part of a class.
Each class can be a 'secured' class or an unsecured class. If you use this function and the obfuscated program fails to compile correctly or starts to malfunction afterwards, it will usually mean that you have not specified in these statements all the obfuscation classes that you have defined in your program.