EverFastAccess v2 has just been released :)



We are very pleased to announce you that we are finally releasing a public EverFastAccess v2 beta version.

We are very excited to bring you this product to help you boost your productivity and ease your computing life.

It’s going to save you tons of time in your research and project.
And all of that with a great user experience.

We are more than willing to hear you out : please send us your feedbacks.

With our best regards,
EverFastAccess team

EverFastAccess v2 is about to be released

Hello everyone,

After years of development the first version of EverFastAccess has been perfected and transformed greatly to form the v2 of EverFastAccess.

This version is in the final stages of testing and bug-solving before being released.

We plan it to be released before the end of February.
We are really excited by all the improvements that have been done.

We hope it will contribute to change the way people take notes and organize their computer life to be intuitive, fast, easy and smart.

Don’t hesitate to subscribe to the newsletter to stay tuned and thanks for your support :).

Sincerely yours,

EverFastAccess Founder
Joris Guillot