See the update and change details of EverFastAccess through the different versions. Our product evolves as we always try to make it better.

2.0065 : + Improvements :
**Notes Results : РRevamp of display: Fiability and speed ++ -New icons
Minium sizes for various windows

2.0059 : +New :
**Note Editor :
New icons
-Indentation + and ‚Äď of the text
-Integrated tutorial in notes by new help icon (except for fast notes)
-Shared Spaces: Help icon and details
+Improvements : -Reorganisation of the buttons of the note editor
-Réorganisation of Help menu
-You can use Ctrl+Shift+C to copy links quickly without selected texts
-Shrinkening of basic tutorial

2.0056 : + New :
Help note for mouse gestures dans menu icone EFA Aide
-Notes Results : New help info

+Improvements :
– Menu images insertion images information
– Citations change every 20 seconds
РPossibility of inserting images that could display on Win7 but only bmp to reduce size
РPrecision that deleting menu/sub-menu don’t delete notes
– Subject name limited to 30 characters

2.0055 : + New : A long gesture to the right allows to search into notes in a snap (updated tuto)
New menu ¬ę¬†ALL SUBJECTS¬†¬Ľ by¬†default
+Improvements :The first 3 recent notes are directly displayed rather than in sub-menu !
The new menus now contain the new default actions of creation and research prefix/title/suffix

+ New : Insert all kind of files via Drag and Drop or via INSERTION MENU
– Insert images visible sur Win 7 via Insert Images menu
– Insert custom hyperlinks
РInsert tables !
РInsert editable Excel tables !
РInsert files with preview or not MS Office files (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.)
– Insert any other type of files
– Insert relative links (files inside EFA folders) which work even if EFA folder is moving

New ¬ę¬†@Not_Indexed¬†¬Ľ folder inside Notebook to put files that won‚Äôt appear in ¬ę ALL notes ¬Ľ but which can be linked to inside notes (notably with relative links)
+Improvements :
Improved dialogs handling if multiple
– Better display of help tips for buttons
– Notes Editor : Boutons for text color
– Copy Link/ Selection + Source to note add new lines instead of paragraphs

2.0046: +Improvements :EFA is now really multi-screen compatible (fast action icons, tuto, dialogs, etc.)
РInspiring customizable quotes at the bottom of notes
Icon tips in Notes Editor display now at mouse position

2.0040: +Simplifications¬†: –¬†Simplification of numerous actions
– Spaces, ID et Icons revamped
– Menu of icon choices simplified
+Improvements : Lots of functionalities added
Attach notes to custom menus
Search on Google & Copy Selection to Google in recognition menu
Start Other Software/Website in recognition menu
New keyboard shortcuts (web searches and starting software/websites)
– Possibility of moving the tutorial window
– Choose an icon directly when creating a subject or when attaching a note to a menu
Desactivate keyboard shortcuts button in tray menu
– Each custom menu now has a customizable default submenu
– Create attached note or attaching note ask for space (business)
– Better note name display in editor and recent notes
– Better notebook name display in note editor

2.0035: +Simplifications : Simplified recognition menu : shorter and only available options are showing up
+Improvements : SYSTEM of Fast actions
РImproved  tutorial -Better dialog to input note title
Possibility to do mass menu modification
Possibility to do mass note modification from Notes results
– Better EFA tray menu

2.0029: +Simplifications :
РCreate Attached note don’t ask to confirm recognition if title doesn’t contain numbers or slashes
+Improvements :Update Window
– Create a subject create the notebook directly
РWebpage recognition don’t make the distinction between http:// or https://

2.0028: +Improvements : If  a previously attached note cannot be found the previous title will still be shown

2.0027: +Simplifications : -Menus
– Notes Editor (Removed buttons and renaming)
– Indication to use right click menu in lists
Tutorial Copy Selected + Source !
+Improvements :Tutorial : indications on tutorial advancements + menu description ask for confirmation
Delete note directly from Modify Recognition

Version 2.01 ‚Äď MAJOR NEW VERSION
Major new version totally revamped!
+New :
– New website
– New intuitive visual gesture system !
– New fast actions and gestures
– Best-in-class interactive tutorials
– Create custom menus in 1 click!

– Note Editor quickly extended/reduced
and/or on top
of other windows in 1 click!
– Change Notebook, Prefix, Title, Suffix directly from the note editor
– Complete new attachment system
: Notes can be attached to any number of window by dragging a target onto them & Windows can have any number of notes attached. Recognition parameter modification and easy detaching is possible both from window and notes.
+Improvements :
– Much better and simpler handling of spaces
– Beautiful icons
everywhere! ūüôā
– New fast clip shortcut to last note
– Search Notes directly on result list!
– Recent notes are remembered after restart
– Much improved clipping actions
– Much improved translations



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