See the update and change details of EverFastAccess through the different versions. Our product evolves as we always try to make it better.

2.0065 : + Improvements :
**笔记 Results : Revamp of display: Fiability and speed ++ -New icons
Minium sizes for various windows

2.0059 : +新 :
**Note Editor :
New icons
-Indentation + and – of the text
-Integrated tutorial in notes by new help icon (except for fast notes)
-Shared Spaces: Help icon and details
+Improvements : -Reorganisation of the buttons of the note editor
-Réorganisation of Help menu
-You can use Ctrl+Shift+C to copy links quickly without selected texts
-Shrinkening of basic tutorial

2.0056 : + 新 :
Help note for mouse gestures dans menu icone EFA Aide
-Notes Results : New help info

+Improvements :
Menu images insertion images information
Citations change every 20 seconds
Possibility of inserting images that could display on Win7 but only bmp to reduce size
Precision that deleting menu/sub-menu don’t delete notes
Subject name limited to 30 人物

2.0055 : + 新 : A long gesture to the right allows to search into notes in a snap (updated tuto)
New menu « ALL SUBJECTS » by default
+Improvements :The first 3 recent notes are directly displayed rather than in sub-menu !
The new menus now contain the new default actions of creation and research prefix/title/suffix

+ 新 : Insert all kind of files via Drag and Drop or via INSERTION MENU
Insert images visible sur Win 7 via Insert Images menu
Insert custom hyperlinks
Insert tables !
Insert editable Excel tables !
Insert files with preview or not MS Office files (字, 高强, Powerpoint, 等等)
Insert any other type of files
Insert relative links (files inside EFA folders) which work even if EFA folder is moving

New « @Not_Indexed » folder inside Notebook to put files that won’t appear in « ALL notes » but which can be linked to inside notes (notably with relative links)
+Improvements :
Improved dialogs handling if multiple
Better display of help tips for buttons
Notes Editor : Boutons for text color
Copy Link/ Selection + Source to note add new lines instead of paragraphs

2.0046: +Improvements :EFA is now really multi-screen compatible (fast action icons, tuto, dialogs, 等等)
Inspiring customizable quotes at the bottom of notes
Icon tips in Notes Editor display now at mouse position

2.0040: +Simplifications : Simplification of numerous actions
Spaces, ID et Icons revamped
Menu of icon choices simplified
+Improvements : Lots of functionalities added
Attach notes to custom menus
Search on Google & Copy Selection to Google in recognition menu
Start Other Software/Website in recognition menu
New keyboard shortcuts (web searches and starting software/websites)
Possibility of moving the tutorial window
Choose an icon directly when creating a subject or when attaching a note to a menu
Desactivate keyboard shortcuts button in tray menu
Each custom menu now has a customizable default submenu
Create attached note or attaching note ask for space (business)
Better note name display in editor and recent notes
Better notebook name display in note editor

2.0035: +Simplifications : Simplified recognition menu : shorter and only available options are showing up
+Improvements : SYSTEM of Fast actions
Improved tutorial -Better dialog to input note title
Possibility to do mass menu modification
Possibility to do mass note modification from Notes results
Better EFA tray menu

2.0029: +Simplifications :
Create Attached note don’t ask to confirm recognition if title doesn’t contain numbers or slashes
+Improvements :Update Window
Create a subject create the notebook directly
Webpage recognition don’t make the distinction between http:// or https://

2.0028: +Improvements : If a previously attached note cannot be found the previous title will still be shown

2.0027: +Simplifications : -菜单
Notes Editor (Removed buttons and renaming)
Indication to use right click menu in lists
Tutorial Copy Selected + Source !
+Improvements :Tutorial : indications on tutorial advancements + menu description ask for confirmation
Delete note directly from Modify Recognition

Version 2.01 – MAJOR NEW VERSION
Major new version totally revamped!
+新 :
New website
New intuitive visual gesture system !
New fast actions and gestures
Best-in-class interactive tutorials
Create custom menus in 1 点击!

Note Editor quickly extended/reduced
and/or on top
of other windows in 1 点击!
Change Notebook, Prefix, Title, Suffix directly from the note editor
Complete new attachment system
: Notes can be attached to any number of window by dragging a target onto them & Windows can have any number of notes attached. Recognition parameter modification and easy detaching is possible both from window and notes.
+Improvements :
Much better and simpler handling of spaces
Beautiful icons
everywhere! 🙂
New fast clip shortcut to last note
Search Notes directly on result list!
Recent notes are remembered after restart
Much improved clipping actions
Much improved translations




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